The MCCR Workshop provides the necessary tools one needs to conduct clinical trials that yield clear results and have the potential to impact patient care.

Katarzyna Kozak, Poland – Edition 19

Lecture sessions, interactive discussions, daily “meet your expert” sessions, constant networking with faculty members and other fellows contribute to your learning and asking the right questions to be addressed in your research protocol.

Claudia Cardone, Italy – Edition 19

The MCCR Workshop provides an invaluable and rare opportunity to receive close guidance from world-class mentors and sage, experienced statisticians – all of whom were generous with their time and experience.

Aly-Khan Lalani, USA – Edition 19

I now truly understand the basis of clinical trial protocol development and implementation. I arrived with an outline and went home with a protocol that is almost ready for regulatory review.

Lizza Hendriks, Netherlands – Edition 19

The MCCR Workshop gives you the essential tools, knowledge and guidance, that you would normally struggle to get in routine clinical training, to execute robust and meaningful clinical trials.”

Rebecca Hill, United Kingdom – Edition 20

This was an outstanding experience that provided me with the great opportunity to develop a clinical trial protocol in just one week and at the same time learn the essentials of clinical trial design from world renowned experts in the field.

Stijn Keereweer, Netherlands – Edition 20

The MCCR Workshop was an excellent platform for learning, collaborating and meeting excellent mentors who are passionate about training fellows to do good research.

Nagavalli Somasundaram, Singapore – Edition 20

This is a very good opportunity for young oncologists to get a deep understanding of protocol development and acquire new insights from the experts.”

Christine Schumacher from Roche, Switzerland – Edition 19

The MCCR Workshop is the best experience in the career of a young oncologist to learn how to write a well-conducted clinical trial, with fantastic networking.”

Linda Mahjoubi, France – Edition 18

Besides learning a comprehensive understanding of basics in conducting and planning clinical trials, I have met so many inspiring people!

Veronika Seebacher, Austria – Edition 17

You realise that your initial proposal has evolved into a complete clinical trial protocol ready to be presented in the ethics committee.

Margarita Romeo Marín, Spain – Edition 16